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L'Oreal launches Skin Genius, a virtual analysis tool to calculate "skin age"

Lauretta Roberts
06 November 2020

L'Oreal Paris had added to its virtual tool portfolio with Skin Genius, which can calculate "skin age" and recommend a personalised skincare regime from one selfie.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the tool been based on over 50 years of data developed on 10,000 clinical images of women from Skin Atlas and tested nearly 30,000 times on women of all ages and ethnicities.

This data is combined with L'Oreal's own skin research capabilities to ensure a high reliability rate and it is claimed to match dermatologist diagnostics by 95%. The Skin Genius tool will continue to be refined and more data will be fed in during 2021.

To use the service, a customer simply uploads a photo from their phone or computer (preferably taken in natural light with no make-up) and the tool then provides an on-the-spot expert analysis through face mapping based five key dimensions (radiance, pore quality, firmness, lines and wrinkles, and tone).

Skin Genius then delivers a tailored regime for morning and evening and is the first tool of its kind to recommend products by ingredient as well as product type, due to the increased interest in ingredients in recent years.

The analysis also explains why each product has been recommended to help the customer to understand the skincare regime.

Actor Eva Longoria, who has been a L'Oreal spokesperson for 15 years, is the face of Skin Genius. 

Skin Genius can been accessed online or in a Boots store where customers can scan a QR code on the L'Oreal skincare stand.

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