L’Oréal drops phrases ‘fair’ and ‘lightening’ from its beauty brands

L’Oréal has said it will remove words such as ‘white/whitening’ ‘lightening’ and ‘fair’ from its skin care products.

The announcement follows as a number of beauty giants make a u-turn on their terminology.

Recently, Unilever also announced it will remove the word “Fair” from its “Fair & Lovely” skin lightening products, in response to a global backlash against racial prejudice.

Multinational corporation, Johnson & Johnson also announced it would stop selling skin-whitening creams in Asia and the Middle East.

In addition, Neutrogena Fine Fairness, available in Asia and the Middle East, and Clean & Clear Fairness, sold in India, have now been discontinued.

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, the promotion of skin lightening cosmetics has come into question. Skin lightening products has always had a huge market and customer base in South Asia.

Last year, councils across England and Wales urged shoppers to avoid skin-lightening products ‘at all costs’ due to many still containing illegal toxic bleaching agent hydroquinone.