L’Oreal aims to cut out non-recycled plastic packaging by 2030

L’Oreal has announced it will stop using non-recycled plastic packaging by 2030 and introduce more sustainable products under its flagship brand Garnier, as the company pledges to become more sustainable.

L’Oreal, which is parent company to leading beauty brands such as Maybelline¬†and¬†Lancome, added it would also reduce emissions at offices and factories and improve the way it sources ingredients for cosmetics as part of its new sustainability targets.

CEO Jean-Paul Agon said, that packaging for beauty products will be made from recycled plastic or natural derivatives in 10 years, compared to 15% by end-2020.

“It’s time to move, time to accelerate,” Agon told Reuters in an interview, highlighting that the coronavirus pandemic had pushed the company to move ahead, and had created a growing consumers demand for more natural products.

Furthermore, Agon said that L’Oreal was investing in new campaigns and working with suppliers on raw materials and recycling solutions.

L’Oreal also now aims to use only renewable energy sources at all of its facilities by 2025 and operate using carbon neutral sources.

The beauty giant relies heavily on online sales to sell its products, particularly in major markets like China.

Agon said: “E-commerce is a challenge to sustainability… it will not go away, the only way is to address it.”

The beauty group is also shifting towards using electric vehicles for deliveries.