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Levi’s launches new concept store in Soho with sustainable denim range as the focus

Tom Bottomley
05 October 2020

Levi’s has today launched its new "Levi’s Haus" concept store at 41 Great Marlborough Street in London’s Soho, complete with a new range, called "Levi’s by Levi’s" – made up entirely from repaired, reimagined and recycled product.

The new range is being sold exclusively at the new store and utilises Levi’s back catalogue of designs, namely using faulty or returned items that didn’t sell, as well as donations from employees and consumers. The new product range aims to encourage shoppers to purchase more thoughtfully and sustainably.

As part of the brand’s continued drive to “help love what you wear and live with it longer”, a team of in-house expert tailors are on hand to help extend the life of old Levi’s by repairing old denim or customising jeans and jackets with patches. The simple message is a reminder that “Levi’s get better with age.”

As well as the repair service, reimagining products sees Levi’s partnering with Indigowares, a company dedicated to making well-crafted, low environmental impact designs using organic indigo dye.

Fouded by textile artist, Lisa Reddings, Indigowares brings its unique dip-dying and shibori techniques to reimagine a range of iconic Levi’s products from 501 jeans to trucker jackets, ensuring each piece is a one of a kind.


Levi’s by Levi’s also incorporates recycled products and materials sourced from both consumer donations and the Levi’s back catalogue to create accessories including bucket hats, tote bags and bum bags. Hand crafted by the Working Well Trust in Tower Hamlets, London, no two accessories are the same.

Levi’s Haus is a unique concept store and the first of its kind within the brand’s retail portfolio, serving as a new blueprint for an in-store consumer experience and a true “physical brand hub defined by creativity and a circular-economy concept.”

The new store also incorporates services and collections such as the made-to-measure Lot 1 bespoke denim service, the Levi’s Vintage Clothing line and the Levi’s Tailor Shop, the brand’s ultimate customisation and repair service.

Richard Hurren, Vice President of Retail at Levi’s Europe, said: “We are delighted to announce the opening of Levi’s Haus, London. This unique concept store is the first of its kind within our retail portfolio and will serve as the new home for your every need when it comes to extending the life of your denim.

“Whether it’s a simple patch repair by our tailors, or the chance to create something entirely new from your pre-loved Levi’s, there is something to suit every price point and every creative idea.”

Levi’s is also offering a 10% discount - via the in-store digital donation experience - to consumers donating their previously loved Levi’s via the interactive donation wall. The user receives a direct deposit of "500 coins", which translates into 10% off new purchases via the Levi’s 24/7 app, which also can be used in-store or online at

From today, 5 October, 2020, customers can drop in or book an appointment via the Levi’s 24/7 app to talk about the possibilities of reworking their denim with one of the expert in-house tailors.



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