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Levi's introduces eco-minded boot with The Woolmark Company

Jeremy Lim
02 November 2021

Levi's has teamed up with The Woolmark Company to launch its latest boot silhouette, the Torsten Quilted, which focuses on sustainability and performance.

For its latest release, the heritage label chose Australian Merino wool, a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable fibre, for the inner lining of its boot. The inner lining of the Woolmark-certified shoe is designed to maintain structure and shape whilst drawing upon the intrinsic qualities of the fibre including breathability, moisture management and odour resistance.

Australian Wool Innovation (parent company of The Woolmark Company) CEO, John Roberts: "The inclusion of Merino wool in Levi’s boot not only highlights the versatility of the original performance fibre, but also shines a spotlight on the sustainable nature of the fibre, pursuing the company’s mission to inform and promote wool as the original eco and recyclable fibre."

"Merino wool is increasingly present in the world of the younger generations, who care not only about performances but also about durable and environmentally friendly materials."

The casual boot also features a utilitarian design, with its upper constructed from leather certified by the Leather Working Group, with an insert in eco-cordura, created with reclaimed waste resources. The inner lining is made from Woolmark certified wool felt, while the boot lacing and sole are made from recycled materials.

Lee Anderson, Levi's Senior Global Merchandiser, said: "We are excited to be working in partnership with The Woolmark Company utilising one of nature’s most functional materials - Merino Wool. Both high performance and sustainable providing the perfect combination to keep you weather ready this Winter season."

Priced at £120, the Torsten Quilted boot is available from today.

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