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Levi’s expands sustainability with natural and plant-based dyes in SS22 collection

Jeremy Lim
16 March 2022

Levi's has expanded its sustainability range under its R&D lab, Levi’s Wellthread, using natural and plant-based dyes, organic cotton and rain-fed-hemp in its SS22 collection.

Each garment in the Spring collection features dyes from natural and plant-based sources, with this season focusing on natural indigo dyes. Each item has been produced via a method that reduces chemicals and water in the dyeing and finishing process.

The collection also highlights the expanded use of European sourced rain-fed hemp, which is featured in both Levi’s Cottonised Hemp and cotton and hemp blends. Along with rain-fed hemp, every tee and hoodie in the collection also uses organic cotton.

Paul Dillinger, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation at Levi Strauss & Co said: "There’s a lot of progress made with Wellthread each season. And while not every season can be a revolution, there is constant evolution. And this is one of those seasons where ideas are maturing and getting refined. Like launching plant-based indigo, where it takes time to learn how to apply it and wash it to ensure a great pair of blue jeans. This is a representation of a good idea made better by giving ourselves a couple of seasons to let evolve, let it refine."

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