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KJINSEN relaunches as a brand “designed exclusively for petite women”

Tom Bottomley
14 March 2023

Luxury British womenswear label KJINSEN has today relaunched with an 11-piece ‘Debut Collection’ specifically designed for customers under 5ft 4”, which it says is “a customer vastly underserved by current fashion industry standardisations”.

The premium capsule line offers tailored pieces in sustainable luxury fabrics designed by KJINSEN Founder and Creative Director Liza Belmonte, who is 5ft herself and knows the limitations of existing customer offerings, despite over 50% of the world’s female population measuring under 5ft 3”.

KJINSEN was originally launched in 2021 as a “straight sized” brand with a desire to create womenswear that showcased British craftsmanship through the use of luxurious natural fabrics. But Belmonte felt very limited by the sizing implications of the existing development process, and the “cookie cutter” approach the fashion industry took to creating womenswear.

After the launch of the first iteration of KJINSEN as a straight-sized brand, Belmonte found herself faced with a situation where she had created her “dream wardrobe” but could not wear it herself because it didn’t fit her. She then made the decision that she was going to pivot the business and, staying true to the sustainable credentials and approach to craftsmanship, dedicate KJINSEN to catering exclusively to the shopper that is 5ft 4” and under.

Belmonte said: “Whilst over half of women globally are 5ft 3” or shorter, this market continues to be ignored by fashion brands and the size inclusivity movement. Shorter women struggle to find clothes that fit well as the industry continues to develop clothes on models that don’t represent what the market truly looks like.

“My intuition that this market is in need of more and better options was confirmed by my TikTok community of 50,000 shorter women who expressed the struggles of finding clothes that fit. When the very few existing businesses who do serve the petite customer are fast fashion brands, there became a very clear gap in the market for a premium brand that embeds fair, quality craftsmanship and sustainability into a proposition for luxury shoppers who are under 5ft 4”. KJINSEN aims to create clothes that have been specifically engineered to flatter her silhouette.”

Belmonte used her TikTok following of 50,000 shorter women, an organic following she accumulated in just over 10 months, to her advantage while developing the ‘Debut Collection’. She had continuous feedback from her social media community, who also shared their personal frustrations of the existing ‘petite’ industry.

During the collection development, Belmonte fitted each garment on several women under 5ft 4”, each with different body types - from slimmer frames to wider hips and fuller busts. The result is a collection catering exclusively to shorter shoppers, who can order from a size range of UK 4-20.

From power suits to contemporary dresses in eye-catching prints, the collection is “a celebration of strong silhouettes for shorter customers,” made in London using natural biodegradable materials. The collection is available to buy from today on the KJINSEN website, with prices ranging from £350 - £1,095.

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