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JW Anderson ventures into childrenswear with his fifth Uniqlo collaboration

Sadiyah Ismailjee
10 March 2020

Northern Irish Designer, JW Anderson has debuted a childrenswear line for his fifth collaboration with Uniqlo alongside the main collection. The new childrenswear line marks the first time Anderson has rolled out miniature designs.

The upcoming collection, which Anderson has themed "British Country Style" focuses on British classicism and tailoring.

The new line includes mini versions of the adult designs. The childrenswear range includes mini worker jeans, pleated mini skirts and picnic dresses.

The 65-piece womenswear collection and its 71-piece menswear collection consists a myriad of the designer's signatures styles, including bold colours, quirky outerwear and gingham.

Anderson told WWD: “my brother just had a child, so in a way it kind of made sense to do children’s wear. I like the idea of miniature versions of adult clothing. I think everything small is very cute.”

He added: “i’ve always done this collaboration because I wear and buy Uniqlo and I feel that it has to be a very slow progress, not like a fashion show. This is the base and it’s nice to have the classicism you can get through Uniqlo. In fashion shows, you can get away with a bit more and experiment and it might not ever turn into a reality, whereas this all has to turn into reality."




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