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JOOR to power the new digital London Fashion Week

Lauretta Roberts
27 May 2020

JOOR, the digital wholesale platform, has revealed that it will be powering the next all-digital London Fashion Week, as well as Berlin trade show PREMIUM.

London Fashion Week announced that it was to stage an online only gender neutral event as it was forced to cancel London Fashion Week Men's in June due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online event will take place from 12-14 June with JOOR providing multiple functions for participating brands, such as lookbook uploads and virtual showrooms, via its JOOR Passport platform.

For summer fashion events, brands will be able to upload their seasonal lookbooks to unique profile pages and showcase their styles in virtual showrooms. Retailers participating in the show request access, and are then invited by each brand to shop its collection online.

Those brands who have created images using JOOR’s partnership with ORB360 will be able to offer retailers 360 degree images that can communicate every product detail for an enhanced shopping experience.

When physical events resume, JOOR will take an omni-channel approach. The Passport mobile app will allow brands and retailers to manage their connections and appointments and place orders at these events. Retailers will use the universal app for all shows. Data stored in the app is carried from one event to the next to make planning and reconnecting more streamlined.

“In the face of continued business disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a great need to bring technology to revolutionize the market and to reimagine the trade show and fashion week model,” said Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR.

“It is incredibly tragic that we find ourselves in these circumstances, but the fact remains that for all the hype about consumer-facing retail technology, the business-to-business side, including trade show enablement, has been largely ignored. JOOR is proud to help deliver digital solutions that will provide business continuity during these summer events and beyond," she added.

British Fashion Council CEO Caroline Rush said: "It was incredibly important that we find a way at London Fashion Week to assist our brands, especially small and emerging ones, in this unusual time. The access JOOR is providing will allow our members to continue their business relationships so they are well prepared for the recovery, to which we all look forward.”

PREMIUM in Berlin was cancelled for the upcoming season as the German government had placed a ban on large-scale events taking place before the end of August. Managing partner at PREMIUM GROUP Anita Tillman said it was "a logical move" for the show to offer a digital alternative.

"As PREMIUM GROUP, we already had digital components to our shows with our app, which was successfully integrated into JOOR last year. The next logical move for us was to consolidate all our digital tools with JOOR Passport in order to achieve a seamless experience for our customers both on and offline. Considering the current circumstances, this transformation became even more important. Digital is a huge opportunity for brands and buyers to remain capable and maintain international business," she said.

JOOR has said it will also be working with a number of global events in the autumn. The platform hosts wholesale sale for fashion, beauty and home and transacts $1.5bn in GMV every month. More than 8,600 brands and over 200,000 curated retailers across 144 countries connect on the platform every day.

The New York-based platform offers free and paid tiers: JOOR Lite and JOOR Pro. JOOR Lite offers basic functionality for brands and retailers, whereas JOOR Pro provides advanced capabilities for greater flexibility, visibility, performance and analytics.

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