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Jeanologia breaks sustainability barriers by aging garments using air

Chloe Burney
11 April 2023

Jeanologia, a leading Spanish company in the development of eco-efficient technologies, has marked a new milestone in the textile industry and invented a way to create vintage-look, faded denim without the use of water, pumice stones or chemicals.

Through Atmos, an innovative circular atmosphere washing process, Jeanologia has tapped into a new way to achieve an authentic vintage look in denim, recreating the style through a more sustainable, faster and cheaper method.

Instead of using conventional water washers, Jeanologia uses air washers that extract oxygen from the atmosphere and convert it into ozone to treat garments through a controlled and safe abrasion process without the need for stones, water or chemicals.

Enrique Silla, who founded Jeanologia in 1994, commented: "In the 1970s, the aging of the garments was reproduced with a process that mixed water, chemicals and pumice stone, thus giving rise to the famous stone wash. This process, which is still used today, has a high environmental impact, as well as being totally inefficient."

For Silla, atmospheric washing is a major breakthrough in ozone technology for garment finishing, he added: "We are facing the most important revolution in blue jeans since we launched the first textile laser in 1999".

After the launch of its first air washer in 2005 under the name G2, Jeanologia has positioned itself in the market as a leader in ozone technology for the garment finishing industry.

Now it has gone one step further with its INDRA-patented system and its G2 technology. The company is able to control the exact control of humidity and temperature to achieve an authentic vintage effect.

The new Atmos collection will preview at Kingpins in Amsterdam, where Jeanologia will demonstrate the process.

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