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ISAWITFIRST to offer paid leave for cervical screening appointments

Sophie Smith
12 January 2022

Fast fashion brand ISAWITFIRST has announced it will now offer its employees half a day of paid leave to attend smear test appointments.

To coincide with Cervical Cancer Prevention Week on 17–23 January 2022, the new initiative aims to encourage its employees to get their cervical screenings without worrying about being able to fit it around their work schedule or having to use up their annual leave.

ISAWITFIRST employees will need to show HR the invitation to get their smear test and the company will then arrange paid leave to attend the appointment.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust data shows that cervical screenings prevent around 75% of cancers from starting, as the screening identifies people who are at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer.

However, the trust has found that only one in five people with a cervix would use annual leave, take a sick day or take unpaid time off to get their smear test.

A statement from ISAWITFIRST, said: “Cervical screening is the best protection against cervical cancer. We understand the importance of attending these routine screenings and hope providing extra paid leave will give employees the time and confidence to go to these potentially life-saving appointments.”

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