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The Interview: Tala Malas, Head of Luxury Fashion, Consigned Sealed Delivered, CSD
22 December 2021

With a multicultural upbringing and education in entrepreneurship between Beirut, the States and London, Tala Malas is in an excellent position to lead fashion and business development at Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD).

A new luxury fashion resale platform, launched in the pandemic, with a point of difference: an online resale platform that aims to emulate the traditional physical store model, CSD already has a storefront in the heart of Marylebone and an international network of consignors.

Malas talks to The Industry.Fashion about creating an international business from the get go, working across all aspects of a start up and the CSD unique "white glove concierge".

Consigned Sealed Delivered is a new luxury fashion resale platform, how would you describe it's point of difference?

Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) is a curated, online consignment platform for buying and selling pre-owned luxury designer clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewellery. While we consciously extend the lifecycle of luxury designer fashion, we pride ourselves in creating the same shopping experience for pre-loved as buying something brand new. Our careful curation of pieces would definitely stand us apart from the other luxury resale platforms – we only list items that are still relevant, trending, timeless and most importantly, in great condition.

How do you combine consigning with the concierge service?

Since launching CSD shop in April, we have worked with consignors all over the world from the get go and offer worldwide free shipping to new clients, which is different to other luxury resale platforms. We take pride in our unique white glove concierge process, whereby one of our luxury specialists, will come to your home (in Central London) and pick up any pieces you want to consign, advising on the best pieces in your wardrobe to sell and when. We also have virtual consignment appointments available or just the traditional photo upload if the consignor wishes.

What was your background in fashion before and how have those skills helped you at CSD?

I studied entrepreneurship at a leading college in Boston with a career in fashion always in mind. I have turned that skill set to growing brands such as Nour Hammour in Paris and moved to Beirut to be Sandra Mansour's right hand in developing the business. I also, along the way, have spent time working at Moda Operandi – gaining an understanding of the hustle of the industry. These experiences have given me knowledge and awareness of trends, day to day management of a consignment process, client acquisition, setting up a storefront with an entrepreneurial mind to be able to adapt.

Who is your target demographic for buyer and consignor?

Whilst we are still determining the pattern on the typical CSD shopper, since launching, is it so far women between the ages of 25-45. We have noticed older clients are still more hesitant about the idea of wearing pre-owned and often keep older pieces for future generations – ultimately we want to become the go-to for all ages.

CSD Consigned Sealed Delivered

CSD in Marylebone

You opened a physical store space in Marylebone from the get go. the In a time of digitisation of retail, how did you want physical and digital to interconnect?

Yes, we are open at 70-72 Marylebone Lane until mid-February in principal – it's a long term space but we will be doing some redesign in the space after February. I think after the pandemic time, it's more important than ever to feel that sense of face to face connection with a buyer and although our online experience is seamless, people still enjoy trying something on and sifting through a curated selection of designer items at great prices. You will find everything from carefully selected off the runway, to Off White and vintage pieces over 15 years old.

Tell me more about the sustainability pledge you've made to your community.

We've partnered with One Tree Planted - aiding them in their mission to plant millions of trees every single year. We’re always keeping an eye out for organisations and partners working to decrease the devastating impact of fashion on our planet. Also all our packaging is 100% sustainable and our shipping methods have been carbon neutral ever since the very start. All we print is our shipping labels, and we use sustainable dry cleaning and sanitising methods.

How do you see the future of the luxury resale sector, particularly now some luxury brands are offering resale or archives on their own platforms?

I definitely see luxury resale as the future of shopping for designer goods and it becoming mainstream, especially as vintage becomes increasingly on trend – but it's not just vintage products gaining more appeal, even the more recent pieces such as a classic Alaia dress will become more searched and sought after.

What's the future for CSD?

CSD's vision is to scale and conquer the UK first before taking on the other fashion capitals around the world. We aim to have at least 2 storefronts open at a time - alongside our current Marylebone store, we are exploring Notting Hill, Chelsea, Shoreditch. We're lucky to have a global network that allows us to accommodate consignors worldwide, so being able to host events and pop-ups in areas such as the Middle East and the US are definitely also in the pipeline.

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