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Good Cloth is founded by Stephanie Hepburn, an independent journalist and author of Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight. It was during Hepburn’s research that she began to vet designers for her own shopping needs and that of her family. She quickly learned that even the best intentioned larger companies ran into transparency hurdles. A contractor can subcontract and that subcontractor can do the same.

Every product at Good Cloth is designed with consideration for workers, the planet, and consumers. All products have small, transparent supply chains, so that its well-intentioned designers can fulfil their sustainability missions.

Good Cloth includes product journeys for each item, so that consumers can decide for their self if it is a fit for their ethos. The bar at Good Cloth is that each item is made (throughout its supply chain) in a way that is fair to workers and to the environment. Good Cloth believe each item must be high quality, because it isn’t sustainable if it falls apart.

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Womenswear; Bags; Shoes; Scarves

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