Instagram to launch QR code feature allowing shoppers to instantly connect with favourite retailers’ profiles

Instagram is set to launch a new QR code feature connecting consumers with their favourite retailers instantly.

Users will now be able to generate QR codes that are scannable from any third-party QR camera app. The feature will allow retailers to print and display a QR code that will direct customers to their Instagram account more easily.

The feature was first rolled out in Japan since last year, but is now expanding across the rest of the globe.

Instagram has recently introduced a number of services and features for businesses and retailers, allowing brands to engage and interact with consumers on the platform seamlessly.

Most recently, Instagram launched a new Shop feature allowing users to buy items from inside Explore for the very first time and purchase goods through Facebook pay.

Instagram also expanded its in-app Instagram Shopping feature to include a vast range of businesses, including small businesses and individual creators looking to sell products through the app.

A number of other apps and social media platforms have introduced their own QR-like system, including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify.