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The Index September 2021: The Brands & The Buzz Scores

Lauretta Roberts
11 November 2021

Welcome to part two of our monthly tracker of the behaviour of Britain's fashion shoppers, The Index, produced in partnership with Klarna.

In this section of our report, we track the fortunes of 100 carefully selected brands and retailers across the fashion spectrum from value fashion to sports, luxury and resale and rental platforms.

Each brand is tracked to see which our 2,000 surveyed shoppers visited and purchased from in the past three months, and each is attributed a unique "Buzz Score" based on positive (or negative) perceptions of each brand.

Our Buzz Scores are presented in the context of the sector the brand or retailer is part of, so that you can see how a brand compares to its peers. However, each month we pull out the top performers so you see how they rank overall.

The Buzz Scores are a key metric when it comes to measuring how a brand is performing in the market. Take a look and draw your own conclusions!

Don't forget to check out Part One of our monthly study to track The Sectors, The Channels, The Formats and The Behaviours which are trending among our shoppers.

View and download your report below.

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