The Index May/June 2020: Part 2 The Brands & The Buzz Scores

Lauretta Roberts
17 July 2020

As non-essential retailers were preparing to come out of lockdown after three long months, we surveyed 2,000 British fashion shoppers for our monthly study, The Index – produced in partnership with Klarna – and in this section of our report, we take a look at attitudes to and shopping behaviour at 100 top fashion brands and retailers.

It is clear that reputations are being made and, if not lost, then compromised during this unusual time as consumers examine brands' behaviour towards their staff, customers and suppliers.

Interesting to note is the growing affection the public has for stalwart retailers at this time, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. Perhaps in desperate times, people gravitate towards those brands that provide the most comfort and, it must be said, both have been exemplary examples of how to manage a crisis when it comes to CSR.

This survey was taken before the recent allegations of mistreatment of staff at a factory supplying Boohoo emerged but our tuned-in consumers will pass judgement on that in our next report.

To find out how our 100 brands and retailers fared, download our exclusive report below. If you would like to examine how lockdown affected sectors, channels and format,


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