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The Index December 2021/January 2022: Part 2 - The Brands & The Buzz Scores

Lauretta Roberts
27 January 2022

Welcome to Part 2 of our monthly study of British fashion shoppers behaviours and sentiment – The Index in partnership with Klarna. 

In this section of our two-part survey, we track the fortunes of 100 leading fashion brands and retailers from online pureplayers, to luxury and sports specialist and rental services.

We ask our 2,000 nationally representative shoppers to tell us which stores and websites they have visited and shopped and to tell us whether they have heard positive or negative messaging from each of them in the prior three month period. These positive and negative scores are netted off against each other to give our unique “Buzz Scores”, which provide an accurate measure of how brands are perceived in the market. 

We show how each brand compares against its peers and also at the back of this report provide a chart showing who the best scorers are overall and which brands need to make more effort on the PR front as the positive and negative messaging ratio has resulted in a minus score. 

Overall scores were lower this month, which may be accounted for in the timing of this survey. We quizzed our shoppers in the second half of December 2021 when the working from home directive had been implemented and of course Christmas was upon us, meaning retailers e-commerce channels were under pressure. 

Find out which businesses performed the best by downloading the report below. And don't forget to look at Part 1 of our study where we examine The Sectors, The Channels, The Formats & The Behaviours.

The Index is produced in proud partnership with Klarna.



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