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The Index August 2021: The Brands & The Buzz Scores

Lauretta Roberts
24 September 2021

We've hit the reset on our landmark consumer study, The Index produced in partnership with Klarna, to reflect the radically reshaped British fashion retail landscape in the post pandemic era.

In this Part 2 of our monthly study of 2,000 British fashion shoppers, we track the traffic and the popularity of 100 leading fashion brands and retailers. This list has been updated following the disappearance of many big names from our high street since we first began tracking them back in 2019.

The once mighty Arcadia group has been cleared from the list with only Dorothy Perkins still featuring in its new online-only guise under the Boohoo Group. Topshop has been wrapped into the ASOS website so no longer appears as a brand in its own right. The UK's oldest and once largest department store chain Debenhams is now a website (and also part of the Boohoo Group) and appears in the online-only section of this reports.

For the first time we are also tracking the popularity (in terms of customer traffic and sentiment) of the major resale and rental platforms, as Part 1 of this study shows, these have exploded over the period of the pandemic.

One of the most fascinating parts of this study is always our unique Buzz Scores, which show how highly regarded (or not) each of our 100 retailers are. As proof that some things never change and that sticking to your guns, no matter what the world throws at you, will win out, Selfridges remains the most popular retailer, just as it was back in 2019. On the flip side, as proof that some things do indeed change, eBay is now the second most popular.

View and download your copy of this month's study here.


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