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In the Know: FavourUp’s Fash-Tech Ethical Influencer Marketing

Marcus Jaye
18 March 2019

Following the furore over the Fyre Festival and its subsequent documentary influencer marketing has come under the spotlight.

Hoping to put a more sustainable and ethical slant on it is new “Fash-Tech” platform FavourUp. FavourUp’s “Endorsed Content Engine” provides clients with actionable insights through analysing the sentiment of influencer endorsements along with its engagement, like the numbers of likes and comments.

Through the insight, brands can have a clear idea which pieces of influencer content are most powerful and worth redistributing through further channels. This way they give longevity to the endorsements. This is what FlavourUp is calling “Sustainable Influencer Marketing”.

FavourUp runs on a subscription model for brands to access the platform itself and APIs (Application Programming Interface).

The two-year-old Fash-Tech startup currently works with WearTheWalk (rental designer fashion), Ganor Dominic (3D-printed luxury shoes) and Maxine Shoes (Italian homemade sustainable footwear). FavourUp says it only works with ethical brands that have the right vision and a legitimate approach, whether it is through materials, working environment, or consumer behaviour.

FavourUp also run a community of ethical influencers. Named “Influence for Good”™, it is an invite-only group where FavourUp conduct due diligence on their posts, the brands they work with, the way they interact with audience, and the engagement rate in case of fake followers, and to see if they are genuinely ethical.

FavourUp is a crowdfunded start-up, recently raising £108,300 of pre-seed funding from Crowdcube. The platform has also received an innovative entrepreneurship grant from the Taiwanese government and business support funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Andre Wang, FavourUp’s CEO, says “Our job at FavourUp is to enhance a brand’s sustainability proposition based upon their own definition. Imagine if we can help each ethical brand achieve 1% extra impact on what they do, we will have a world with better materials, healthier working environment, improved animal welfare, and reduced carbon footprints.”



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