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In Pictures: Inside FRAME's first UK store in London

Lauretta Roberts
23 March 2022

LA-based luxury denim and fashion brand FRAME has opened its first standalone store in the UK, in Draycott Avenue, Brompton Cross, as it celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

The store is the brand's 15th globally and will act as its European flagship. It also serves as something as a homecoming for FRAME which was founded by Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede in London 10 years ago.

FRAME London was designed by co-founder and chief creative officer Torstensson and follows a new architectural concept within the brand's retail roster.

The store features an array of custom developed furniture, as well as special installations designed by Torstensson and produced by Bucktron Studio Sweden. One-of-a-kind stand out pieces include a popstyle mirrored coffee table in the form of a polished bubble; resin risers made from amber-toned sheets of glass, utilised to exhibit product; and finally a set of custom podiums designed and moulded out of FRAME up-cycled denim.

To illuminate elements of the store, a large scale skylight will flood the room with light, while incorporating the new geometrical logo in an abstract form as well as displaying limited edition Pierre Chareau alabaster marble inspired sconces. The central aesthetics and materials throughout the store are a light grey cedar wood juxtaposed with a cooler, more contemporary stone.

Designing this store has been incredibly personal to me, as London is where the concept of FRAME came about, it holds a special place in the brand’s identity and history”, said Torstensson. “We are so excited to bring FRAME home to London and give our UK based customers the full FRAME store experience.”

Erik Torstensson recently appeared as a guest on our In Conversation podcast, produced in partnership with Klarna for Business, in which he talked about his plans to open new stores, his creative and sustainable vision for FRAME moving forward, as well as the brand's history. Listen on demand here. 

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