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IN PERSPECTIVE: Embrace technologies that will drive your brand today, tomorrow, and well into the future
21 May 2021

Customer Convenience and Loyalty

Keep customers engaged by delivering a OneStop digital experience.

We live in a world of instant access, instant satisfaction, instant communication, and instant gratification – which is why it should be no surprise that today’s consumers expect instantaneous engagement from the brands and the businesses they associate with. For clients to remain loyal, businesses must adopt a client experience that achieves convenience, in order to live up to instantaneous expectations, consistent dedication to the client, their experience, and a heavy emphasis on customer convenience are required when establishing and nurturing loyalty.

For any small business owner, CEO, or customer experience leader, knowing the right strategies and staying away from the common missteps can make all the difference.

Being Responsive is Key 

Customer convenience and loyalty, in most instances, are dependent on each other. Generating customer loyalty is all about offering a convenient experience that provides clients with the needs and services they are looking for from your business. Consumers today are highly connected, and they forge an emotional connection with the brands they choose to do business with. This means that optimizing your customer experience and customer journey is key to ensure your client base does not leave for your competitors.

It begins with meeting your clients where they are. Be responsive. Take a look at the market, get to know the pain points, and provide a direct solution to your target audience’s needs. How? By putting an increased emphasis on convenience.


Digital Technology Drives The Consumer Experience

Business owners today simply cannot expect to generate engagement, build a following, and create loyalty without undergoing digital transformation. Consumers remain ever-connected and ever-dedicated to mobile technology, and that idea shows itself in a number of different ways. Think about it this way – even taxi services have embraced the digital age.

Look at a company like Uber – they were able to help propel the rideshare movement into a multi-billion dollar industry simply by improving the ordinary taxi experience through the use of digital technology and one actionable application. Users can download the app, scan their location, and instantly hire a driver to come pick them up in minutes. They can even pay directly through the app, add a tip, and enjoy the rest of their day all in a single, easy to use mobile application. Similarly, drivers have their compensation deposited right into an account from the app without having to ask for payment or hang onto cash.

This convenient experience is what makes customers keep coming back – this convenient experience fosters loyalty. At the end of the day, it’s no different than an average taxi ride, but added convenience is what helps to generate loyalty to that brand – and Uber has an immensely loyal userbase.



Adopt a Strategic Digital Solution

The most optimal strategy for fostering reliable customer loyalty is to offer clients a complete and comprehensive OneStop digital experience. Consumers demand convenience because their entire digital and mobile experience is based around instant access. When a brand doesn’t offer that, or deviates from that path – even slightly – they’ll pass on it and move to the next brand that does offer them the service of convenience.

The best way for businesses to meet consumers where they are is to pivot their attention to the digital realm. Embrace the OneStop strategy and determine a solution to offer the level of convenience that consumers demand in all aspects of their mobile-based, digitally-driven lives.

Think about it – how much easier would it be for you if you could control every aspect of your customer journey in one single platform? Having an app, accessible from both mobile and web, is a digital solution for completing high-touch business processes. A OneStop digital experience is exactly what consumers are looking for in today’s environment.

How Moxtra Can Help Improve Customer Convenience

Moxtra’s goal is to help businesses embrace technologies that will drive their brand today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Moxtra powers OneStop Apps for businesses, delivering an all-in-one suite of collaborative features that today’s consumers demand from the brands that they connect with. By leveraging the Moxtra-powered OneStop Portal and embracing mobile technology, businesses can simultaneously improve their customer convenience and customer loyalty.

Moxtra acts as a fluid extension of your business, operating as standalone website or mobile app under your own branding. Deliver continuous communication to your clients, while maintaining powerful human-to-human connection that today’s consumers still search for, by digitizing your business.

When businesses put their clients at the center of their business model, loyalty happens on its own. The Moxtra platform enables businesses to provide clients with a seamless and convenient experience, resulting in increased loyalty and client retention. Undergoing digital transformation, innovating for the client, and embracing the consumer mindset of instantaneous service are all aspects of a client-centric digital strategy.

Moxtra helps businesses achieve digital resiliency and manage customer accounts. Get in touch today to get started with an app for your business.


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