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Hugs & Co. targets wholesale accounts with its unique eco-friendly driving shoes

Tom Bottomley
10 May 2019

Environmentally-friendly footwear brand Hugs & Co., previously only available to buy through its own e-commerce website, is now targeting wholesale accounts with its TS1 driving loafers, which incorporate unwanted car tyres for sole units.

The fashion initiative, originally launched back in 2012, is the work of brothers, co-founders and designers Benjie and Hugo Davis, who believe this is a key time to highlight and relaunch their unique offer, having previously been a little too early to the table in terms of attracting retailers who appreciate sustainability.

Benjie Davis said: “The words upcycled and repurposed previously haven't been associated with luxury fashion items, but here at Hugs & Co. we’re taking steps to change that with our TS1 driving loafer.”

Hugo Davis added: “All too often the decision to select environmentally conscious components leads to a compromise in quality, here it actually enhances the product.”

Millions of scrap tyres pile up every year. Designed not to degrade they create long term damage to the environment. Waste tyres are often burned giving off toxic fumes. Alternatives for disposal are burying, or highly costly and energy consuming methods to break them down. According to the brothers, their TS1 shoes repurposes this material, and the simple process produces a tenth of the CO2 that new soles would to make.

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