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How To Measure Influencer Marketing Success - The Guide from Tribe Dynamics

Antony Hawman
06 October 2021

Influencer marketing is no longer optional for fashion and beauty brands hoping to reach today’s content-hungry consumers.  But while many brands are familiar with the concept of influencer marketing, and may even boast wide networks of online advocates, reliably measuring a program’s impact remains a common roadblock to continued success. Without adequate tools, it can be difficult to gauge the efficacy of your influencer marketing efforts, and understand where to focus your resources moving forward.

This free to download report serves as a step-by-step guide to gaining a holistic sense of your influencer program’s performance using a variety of metrics, and leveraging data to set actionable goals for your brand. Because brands need different toolkits to manage individual influencer relationships and to monitor their influencer communities as a whole, we’ve divided the report into two core components. Part 1 introduces key metrics for assessing your one-on-one connections with specific content creators, while Part 2 will help you holistically evaluate your brand’s influencer network.

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