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House of Zana wins court battle against Zara

Jeremy Lim
08 August 2022

Darlington independent business House of Zana has won its court battle against global fashion giant Zara over claims it has an "identical brand".

The Inditex-owned chain had objected to the fashion boutique's founder Amber Kotrri trademark application and claimed the name 'House of Zana' is "conceptually identical" to theirs.

In a letter sent to Kotrri, Zara argued there was a risk "consumers will misread, mishear, mispronounce and/or otherwise perceive House of Zana as Zara" and that the brand name "dilutes the distinctiveness and reputation the Zara brand".

Kotrri was also urged to rename her business and remove all existing branding amid the threat of having to pay significant legal costs.

After facing the international retailer at a final hearing in May, Kotrri received news on Sunday that she had won the case.

In a post on social media, Kotrri said: "We did it!!! Thank you to everyone for all your support. All the kind words of strength, those who signed our petition, shared the news and to all the news outlets who covered this story.

"You all gave me the courage needed to take on fashion giants zara and I will be forever grateful for you all. WE WON!! With so much love from Amber xxx"

She added: "I've received the email from the hearing with and we won. The decision was in our favour and the trademark will be granted and sense has been seen. I am so so happy."

Commenting on House of Zana winning trademark row with Zara, Charlotte Duly Head of Brand Protection at law firm, Charles Russel Speechlys said: “In this battle of David and Goliath, the little guy has come out on top.

"Zara has failed to protect its valuable trade mark rights and House of Zana is now permitted to register its current name. This is a huge win for House of Zana given the personal connection linked to a name, and the feeling of being bullied by a larger entity.

"Zara may now let the matter rest and decide not to challenge their use, which would need to be by way of infringement proceedings. However, Zara can also appeal the decision. Time will tell as to whether they take any further steps or if the Hearing Officer’s decision gives them enough comfort to coexist.”

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