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H&M's Sustainability Report details 97% sustainable cotton use in 2019

Tom Shearsmith
02 April 2020

Today, the H&M Group released their Sustainability Performance Report 2019, highlighting the significant progress the brand has made towards its vision of a circular and climate positive fashion industry.

The report revealed that in 2019, 97% of its cotton came from sustainable sources, as it moved one step closer to achieving 100% sustainable cotton target.

The high street retailer also achieved the milestone of 57% of its products deriving from either recycled materials or materials sourced in a more sustainable way.


H&M Chart

H&M's chart, showcasing its plan to lead the change towards circular and climate positive fashion.

In 2019, the company explored new circular business models and launched several circular initiatives involving on-demand, customisation, repair, rental, renewal, re-commerce options and reusable packaging.

The new Circular Innovation Lab piloted new sustainable materials, such as cellulosic fibre made from recycled cotton textiles and ground-breaking chemically recycled material Circulose, with the launch of the first product using this technology coming in 2020.

Efforts to meet the company's goal of transparency, which is also present in the report, with the brand disclosing the suppliers of its innovative suppliers.

Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability H&M Group, said: "I am proud of all the progress we did in 2019. Looking ahead, not only our industry will continue changing rapidly, but also the world as a whole. This 2020 has started with a challenge we never saw before with the spread of COVID-19 affecting the whole world, companies and societies.

"I am confident that the long-term vision we always had, and will continue having, on sustainability will play an even more crucial role in facing these challenges. It will be more important than ever to continue our journey towards a circular economy and sustainable consumption while creating prosperity through job opportunities."

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