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H&M to launch new influencer-driven, millennial-focused brand /Nyden

Lauretta Roberts
22 December 2017

H&M is set to add yet another brand to its growing portfolio; /Nyden is headed up by H&M group insider Oscar Olsson and will be driven by input from influencers and targeted at millennials.

Olsson, who has been with H&M since 2013 and has been head of its innovation lab since the start of this year, told The Cut that the label will be co-created with individuals from "Netocrat" or Millennial tribes (more commonly referred to as "influencers"), some of whom will be known in the mainstream and others only to their tribes. Early /Nyden collaborators will include tattoo artist Doctor Woo and actress Noomi Rapace and product will by sold via e-commerce and mixed reality pop-up events.

Olsson told the publication that this approach will ensure the brand and its product will resonate more with its target market than if it had been designed without their input. “The Netocrat is more sensitive than ever to credibility, authenticity, and personality,” Olsson said. “They’re also more sensitive than ever to exploitation of themselves or other people.”

The collaborators will visit /Nyden's design centre in Los Angeles and will work through a vault of constantly evolving but pre-developed fabrics, which have been designed according to data gathered by H&M on what works and what doesn't. This approach should lead to product being developed in around three to four weeks. Drops will be limited and prices will sit in the "affordable luxury" space.

Beyond that details of what the product will look like are not available. An Instagram account shows only a series of black squares and the brand's slash or oblique logo with one fast moving video post (click on post below to view), which shows a number of inspirational images including, among others, an astronaut, a surfer and skateboarder.

/Nyden is due to launch in early 2018 and adds to the H&M Group porfolio which already includes H&M, COS, Weekday, & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, Monki and its most recent addition ARKET, which was launched this summer with the first store opening on London's Regent Street.

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