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H&M launches transparent sustainability information for customers

Tom Shearsmith
18 December 2019

H&M has launched a new step in its efforts for customer transparency on sustainable products by offering detailed information on each product's production and location of origin.

After almost three years of planning, co-ordination and organisation, H&M has begun to roll out to feature to shoppers in-store and online. As part of the transparency efforts a new tab will appear labelled “product sustainability”, where customers can learn geo-location information, including which warehouse the products were made and how many staff they employ.

Shoppers can not only find the country where clothing was manufactured, but also details on materials, recycling and the name of the supplier or authorised subcontractor where a garment was made.

Customers shopping in physical stores also have access to this information by using the H&M app to scan the product tag.

H&M created the system by building a bridge between its supplier and production databases and then linking it to its retail interfaces.

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