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Harrods launches new fashion campaign focused on self expression

Tom Shearsmith
10 September 2021

Harrods has unveiled a fashion film celebrating the extensive fashion product range available in the iconic Knightsbridge store, the opportunity for experimentation and fun it unlocks to customers.

Created in partnership with production house Iconoclast UK and conceptualised and directed by award-winning filmmaker Iggy London, who is synonymous with stories of identity and community, the campaign features Harrods as a space where fashion-lovers can be whoever they want to be and wear whatever they choose without boundaries or limits.

Iggy London says of the film: “It was really important for me to shine a spotlight on some of the most interesting individuals within the London creative scene for this film with Harrods. The idea behind the film being that when all these amazing talents come together, there’s a shared excitement that we all feel. Combining this message with such an iconic and historical brand as Harrods and bringing these two different worlds together was super exciting.”

In the film, a troupe of styled talent, led by poet, trans-visibility crusader and model, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, make their journey through Harrods’ halls while showcasing new season designs including Prada, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and Jil Sander.

The journey through the store is narrated by an original spoken-word poem by Jamal, which celebrates freedom of expression, creativity and the individuality espoused by our fashion choices.

Kai-Isaiah Jamal says on the narration: "I wanted this poem to be a homage. A honoury piece dedicated to our generation and also to those who paved the way for us to exist in our glory. For those of us who use fashion to experiment, shelter, transform outside of functionality; therefore, looking into the intersections of culture, gender identities and marginalised communities.

"Using ‘H’ as a central pillar the poem aims to encourage us to take up space, to make new spaces, to use new words and celebrate the new world we have fought to live in.”

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