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Half of UK shoppers say sustainability is now a deal-breaker

Tom Bottomley
29 April 2019

New research from click and collect business Doddle has revealed that sustainability is the new loyalty, with half of UK consumers saying they will only support retailers with sustainable delivery options in future.

With sustainability increasingly a hot topic, consumers’ habits are changing and two-fifths of Brits don’t think retailers do a good enough job of offering sustainable delivery options. However, in contrast, only 6% always collect their shopping instead of having it delivered.

As the focus on sustainability continues to impact every aspect of our lives, consumers are starting to see green options as the deal breaker in their spending. Over two-fifths (43%) say they are now more likely to shop with a rival retailer if they offer a greater range of sustainable delivery options.

Tim Robinson, CEO of click and collect provider, Doddle, says: “As shoppers continue to become more environmentally conscious, retailers need to mirror this in their offer. While convenience remains important for customers, it’s not enough for sustainable delivery to be an add-on or after-thought anymore, in what is already a tough environment. It will set brands apart in their battle for customer loyalty.”

Changing attitudes could impact retailers’ bottom lines if they don’t give their customers green choices. Half (50%) only want to support retailers with a wide range of sustainable options in future and, for younger shoppers, a significant 56% would shop with a competitor who offered more sustainable options.

When it comes to going green, it seems that both age and gender are a factor. While older shoppers are more concerned about packaging and clothes waste, women are more likely than men to prioritise sustainability in their day to day life, with 73% of women recycling clothes and 43% choosing products with less packaging – compared to 47% and 31% of men respectively.

Younger consumers (18-24 year olds) are adopting more environmentally friendly habits, with over half of them (53%) planning to use direct home delivery less in future – nearly double the number of 45 year-olds (29%).

But all consumers are becoming more conscious of their impact, with 59% trying to "trip chain" – combining multiple tasks in a single journey – more than they used to. While 76% say it’s to cut costs, over half (54%) say they are doing it to be more sustainable.

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