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Google reveals 8 in 10 sports apparel consumers will reduce spending this Christmas

Chloe Burney
17 November 2022

Google research has revealed that 8 in 10 sports consumers will reduce spending on sports apparel, whilst 1 in 4 are planning to spend more despite current 'economic uncertainty’.

The report was conducted by Google Retail Index along with Trinity McQueen, surveying over 5,000 UK consumers to understand sports apparel consumer habits ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Research findings conclude:

  • 67% of consumers tried a new sports brand or retailer in the last six months
  • Sports apparel consumers are less likely to shop in store - 29% less than general apparel consumers
  • Demand will be displaced to different days (during the World Cup) rather than decreased over the peak period
  • 49% of consumers planned their gift buying in the month leading up to Christmas 2021
  • 43% of consumers say that they will shop around for better deals/discounts

Analysis of google searches exposed the economic climate’s impact on shoppers, with searches for the word ‘inflation’ increasing by 112% year-on-year.

The findings of the report are intended to be utilised by sports apparel retailers to target campaigns during the peak shopping season.

Kevin Mathers, MD of Retail at Google, recommends that retailers keep the following in mind:

• Automation key during uncertain times
• Using marketing campaigns that cover multiple fronts
• Tackle challenges by uniting teams

Mathers commented: “Retailers know all too well that the key to their success lies in meeting their customers where they are, by catering to their evolving needs and preferences. That’s why we’re sharing insights into their customers’ search and shopping habits and plans for the peak shopping season.

“Our findings point to the fact that people are browsing more, are increasingly open to trying new brands, and respond best to omnichannel shopping experiences with 30% of UK shoppers today browsing online to decide what they’re going to buy before heading to a physical store to make the purchase. Retailers with strategies to capitalise on these trends will reap the rewards.”

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