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George at Asda launches schoolwear campaign

Jeremy Lim
20 July 2022

George at Asda has launched its Back-to-School campaign, ‘Uniform for the People’ to promote the supermarket’s schoolwear range.

Launching on 23 July, the campaign showcases ASDA's range of uniforms, which are designed to deliver great value and durability for kids returning to school during the growing cost-of-living crisis.

The 30 second advert encourages sustainability as well as cost-saving and durability, with the ad featuring a scene where one of the young rappers delivers second hand uniforms from her stall to a queue of kids. The film concludes with a group of kids with placards chanting “Uniform for the people, uniform for me.”

Claudia Solano, Head of Creative for George at Asda said: "As the cost of living crisis continues, families across the UK are dealt another blow when it comes to the cost of sending their child back to school, and we know our customers are re-evaluating their spend in the lead up to September.

"Dressing kids for school is a moment that should be filled with a lot of pride for parents. They want their kids to have the best of the best. Our lower price, great quality and reusable uniforms means we can get more parents and kids ready for school than any of our competitors."

Alastair Mills, Executive Creative Director of Impero added: "The tension to be mindful of this year is that no matter how much our target audience wants to kit their kids out from head to toe, they’re under increased financial pressure. We needed to show that we’re on parents’ side by removing the stigma of shopping in a price-conscious way and showing that you can do that and still get quality schoolwear to be proud of."

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