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George at Asda are on a mission to make lingerie shopping a luxury

Chloe Burney
17 March 2023

Asda is encouraging women to consider well-fitting and supportive lingerie as a form of self-care, with a recent survey revealed that a third of those surveyed claimed bra shopping is both expensive and low priority.

George at Asda commissioned its largest lingerie survey to date to uncover how women across the UK shop for lingerie, aiming to debunk the notion that lingerie is a luxury and low-priority purchase.

856 female Asda customers aged between 18 and 44 were surveyed in February 2023, revealing 63% of women surveyed admitted to their bra size changing over the past 18 months, yet surprisingly, less than half plan to purchase new separates any time soon.

In response, Asda is encouraging women to consider well-fitting and supportive lingerie as a form of self-care.

Charlie Stevenson, Lingerie Design Manager at George, commented: "Beautiful lingerie is something every woman should enjoy, yet so many see it as an unnecessary or extravagant purchase."

George’s range starts from £5, making expertly designed style such as sports bras, bralettes and bandeaus, accessible for all. With a range of 37 sizes available, the brand makes well-fitting bras and briefs the ultimate in everyday indulgence.

89% of those surveyed admitted to never getting a professional bra fitting, therefore in-house experts at George have created an online buying tool and bank of social content to help customers find their perfect size. Once the correct size is found, customers can assured they’ll be the same size across the entire George range.


George at Asda's Lingerie Product Development Manager, Lysa Hearst, advised: "We’re working hard to empower our customers, producing high-quality, low-priced pieces so they can pick up a beautiful lingerie set when they pop in for their weekly shop, confident in the knowledge that it’ll fit perfectly and make them feel great."

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