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Gap celebrates UK Black History Month with collection of t-shirts

Tom Shearsmith
05 October 2020

GAP will be supporting UK Black History Month this October, with a collection of artist collaboration t-shirts, continuing the commitments the brand made towards standing united with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black artists from the UK, France, and the USA have created designs representing what Black History means to them. The four artists selected were:

Mario @MarioHounkanrin: Born in Paris and teaching in the Netherlands, Mario has always had a passion to create change where he felt there was a lack on black representation in artistic expressions and began to use his skills to remedy this issue.

Melissa Hurst @M_LONDONART: Young, female from London who is a free-hand canvas painter and has been painting since 7 years old. She’s won various awards including the Southwark Arts Project Award.

Lo Williams @thisislodesignz: Lo is an 18-year-old creative from Birmingham, UK.  Her mission is to use creativity to change the world - to inspire, empower and influence all ages through creative expression.

Stephennie Factor @StephennieFactor: As an US based artist and member of the Black community, Gap Inc. employee & AANG member, she found her voice through art. Now, she's using that voice to amplify voices of her community, to Stand United in the face of adversity, and to use that forward momentum to vote.

In addition, Gap UK are donating £10,000 to the CNBA Foundation who create opportunities in Media & Arts for 13-27 year olds in the BAME community through rehabilitation, mentorships, education and scholarship opportunities.

Through October, Gap customers will also be able to support The Reach Out Project through till point donations – the Reach Out Project was founded to help combat the lack of social, cultural and enriching opportunities afforded to young people living in inner-city London.

Last month, the company launched its Stand United campaign, highlighting the power of being a diverse collective.

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