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GANNI pledges sustainability targets for 2020

Tom Shearsmith
03 April 2020

GANNI has released its sustainability pledges for 2020 and beyond, as part of its 2019 Sustainability Report.

Released today, the report gives an insight into previous efforts the brand has made towards being more sustainable and details how it aims to step up in 2020.

The retailer has given its investors and consumers a commitment to investing in a minimum of 3 innovative projects a year. The selected projects must support sustainable development in the fashion industry either financially, supporting testing and piloting or donated product.

The commitment also includes the continuation of publicly reporting the percentage of annual net profit spent on sustainability, with the aim to encourage other brands to do the same and set an industry benchmark.

Lauren Bartley, Head of CSR and Responsibility at GANNI, said: "The goalposts move constantly. What's good for the planet one minute, is harmful 3 or 6 months later in the light of new research.

"It's extremely difficult to have a positive impact in one place and not create some level of harm in another but we're doing our best."

The company announced that in 2019 they chose to focus its sustainability efforts on three key materials - cotton, viscose and polyester, increasing the share of certified fabrics by 50% in two seasons.

In 2019 GANNI also launched two sustainability initiatives with the launch of rental service GANNI REPEAT and a take-back scheme in stores to ensure products have the most environmentally friendly afterlife.

Nicolaj Reffstrup, Founder of Ganni, added: "You have to spend money in this area and we're willing to - at the moment we are spending 0.8% of total sales on responsibility initiatives. But we want to know the industry benchmark.

"We need to be a lot more quantitive in our approach in order to transparent and drive the change we need so badly."

GANNI also joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in January 2019, allowing the brand to collaborate with other businesses in the industry towards a creating innovative solutions to a more sustainable and transparent fashion future.

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