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Frasers Group introduces fur-free policy

Tom Shearsmith
20 October 2022

Frasers Group has confirmed that it will soon adopt a fur-free policy and ban fur products across all areas of the business.

Frasers Group has confirmed to animal rights group PETA that it had issued letters to its brands and suppliers stating that no fur products are to be supplied to the group.

The fur ban will apply to all Frasers Group brands, which includes House of Fraser, Flannels, Sports Direct, Jack Wills, and Missguided.

Announcing what it describes as its "long-term commitment" away from fur, the group will work with Humane Society UK to phase out as soon as possible its existing inventory of garments containing fur. It also pledged further updates on progress towards a date from which consumers can be assured Frasers Group’s stores will be free of fur.

Frasers Group’s decision follows numerous protests by a coalition of animal groups including PETA, Humane Society UK, and Four Paws at House of Fraser stores. PETA also took the issue into the boardroom, challenging the company’s use of fur at its annual meetings.

Yvone Taylor, PETA Director of Corporate Projects, commented: "PETA tips its vegan hat to new Frasers Group CEO Michael Murray for recognising that fur is the product of a violent, bloody industry and for making the sensible and humane decision to ban its sale across the company’s brands. Today’s consumers don’t want to spend their money on the fur of tortured animals, and anyone who still sells it is out of touch with the times."

Britain has banned fur farming since 2000 with the last fur farms closing in 2003, but has always stopped short of banning the import of farmed fur, saying that it would contravene the UK's membership of the EU. However now that the Brexit transition period has completed, anti-fur MPs and campaign groups, such as Humane Society International, have stepped up calls for an import and sales ban.

The #FurFreeBritain campaign has received support from over 50 British celebrities, including Dame Judi Dench, Brian May CBE, Leona Lewis and Alesha Dixon, and designers such as Stella McCartney OBE, Vivienne Westwood DBE and Katharine Hamnett CBE.

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