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Forever21 partners with Roblox so users can create their own virtual stores

Camilla Rydzek
20 December 2021

Fast-fashion brand Forever 21 has created an experience on Roblox called Forever 21: Shop City, a community-based game where users compete to create their own Forever21 shop and reach "top" status.

The experience allows players to build and manage every aspect of gameplay with an unprecedented amount of control, said the brand.

Once choosing a location and decorating the store, users can run the business by controlling stock inventory, assisting customers, operating cash registers. Interior decorations are customisable, as are window decorations and physical collections will be made available in the game to buy for users' Roblox avatar.

The experience is designed to allow Roblox users, fashion influencers, and creative world builders to own and manage their personal store, which is totally customisable. A number of influencers including KrystinPlays, Shaylo, and the Sopo Squad also personally designed stores featured in the game. They will also be able to buy and sell Forever 21 merchandise, including accessories and clothing, hire non-player characters (NPCs) as employees.


Roblox’s user-generated content creators Sam Jordan (@Builder_Boy) curated the game's fashion line in partnership with @Beeism, @OceanOrbsRBX, and @JazzyX3 and also created exclusive items.

Apart from running their own establishments users can also explore four themed districts including entertainment and obstacle course, where they can meet up with friends, discover hidden rare items and build their community.

Forever21 partnered with Virtual Brand Group, a metaverse creation company to create the experience.

Justin Hochberg, Virtual Brand Group's, CEO said: “The metaverse is the most transformative innovation since the creation of the internet. Roblox is one of the platforms creating the biggest business opportunities for brands with more than 50m daily active users who socialise and live digital lives for hours every day, just like my son, daughter and all their friends do. That’s why I created the Virtual Brand Group.”

“Our collaboration with Forever 21 marks not just one of the biggest metaverse launches this year, but also one that uniquely combines the physical and virtual worlds by delivering IRL content from Forever 21 in-game and finding ways for Roblox UGC creations to exist IRL.”

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