Fashion SVP to present unique UK’s first Moroccan Pavilion exhibit

Fashion SVP

This year, Fashion SVP will be hosting the UK’s very first Moroccan Pavilion exhibit. The new and unique Moroccan Pavilion has been designed to offer a very different view of manufacturing in Morocco.

For the first time visitors will be given the opportunity to meet high quality manufacturers from this region and experience the variety of quality volume, price and delivery flexibility offered by this country. Fashion SVP will be offering a special collection of available production from this prominent textile producing country.

Morocco has long established ties with the UK, but historically has been seen as a ‘far shore facilitator, however, today and increasingly, as is perfectly illustrated by this exciting and varied mix of participating companies, production is all about near shoe timescales and quality and versatility of production, with a great source of denim also in the mix.

In a post Brexit era, most labels and retailer are focusing on their entire end to end production and supply chain, searching for solutions in different places and Morocco has proven to be an excellent solution provider.

Working exclusively with AMITH, the leading Moroccan textile producers’ association, and AMDIE, Morocco’s official government export promotion organisation, the Moroccan feature will be concentrating on the production of high quality middle market and luxury market knitwear and wovens, as well as top-end denim, all categories in which Morocco now enjoys a reputation for first rate manufacturing quality, price and flexibility.

The Moroccan group of producers will be showing its latest collections of sportswear, high street fashion, jackets, blazers and coats, denim jeans and accessories.

Moroccan production is very popular and well known to the UK market and as near-shore options become more and more attractive to many brands who are looking for the perfect mix of know-how, sustainability and flexibility, this Moroccan initiative provides solutions of great interest to the UK marketplace.

Fashion SVP returns 29-30 January 2020 in West London. The show presents over 100 curated manufacturers from the UK and across the world and will be held at Olympia London.