Fashion Roundtable sends open letter to UK Government requesting Brexit support

Houses of Parliament

London-based think tank Fashion Roundtable has written an open letter to call on the UK Government to offer further support in dealing with issues which have arisen due to Brexit.

Following an industry-wide meeting, Fashion Roundtable has highlighted the key issues, impacts and unforeseen consequences of Brexit in an open letter, with a call to action.

The letter will be presented to the Government asking that the think tank can meet with meeting relevant Ministers for the fashion industry in the coming weeks, with a view to helping them create solutions which will help save our industry.

It raises many anomalies and issues, such as reminding the Government that the UK fishing industry was given a stimulus package of £23 million to handle exports, whilst the fashion industry received no such support.

Tamara Cincik CEO of Fashion Roundtable begins in the open letter: “Dear Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture and Media, Secretary of State for Business and Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Home Secretary,

“We write to you as concerned members of the UK’s fashion and textile industry, an industry which contributes £35 billion to UK GDP and employs almost 1 million people, but which is at real risk of decimation by the Brexit trade deal and current Government policy.

“Ours is a thriving industry, based on global leadership, complex supply chains and above all a deeply interconnected relationship with our overseas colleagues. The UK’s fashion talent is world-class, and our sector touches many areas of our lives.

“There are many diverse businesses that make up the sector, from manufacturing, to digital online retail platforms, innovative, creative and brands to top-ranked fashion education in the world. We are highly regarded globally for events which bring business to the UK, such as London Fashion Week (visited recently by HM the Queen), as well as create jobs for those working in advertising, editorial, costumes for film, TV and musicians. The deal done with the EU has a gaping hole where promised free movement for goods and services for all creatives, including the fashion and textiles sector, should be.

“The fashion and textiles industry is the largest component of the previously thriving UK creative industries, growing 11% annually, bringing vital jobs and innovation to the UK. We contribute more to UK GDP than fishing, music, film and motor industries combined. Yet we have been disregarded in this deal and our concerns overlooked in current policy decisions. This has significantly impacted our opportunity to build back better and grow our onshoring manufacturing, digital innovation and sustainable design and technology in the UK, where we now, more than ever, have the real chance to show global leadership.”

The full letter is available to read on Fashion Roundtable’s website.

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