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Fashion Roundtable asks constituents to contact MPs about fashion’s role in reaching net-zero

Camilla Rydzek
02 November 2021

London-based think tank Fashion Roundtable has published a template letter that constituents can send to their local MP to highlight fashion’s role in finding solutions to help the UK government meet their net-zero commitments.

The template letter re-articulates five recommendations that Fashion Roundtable, alongside sustainable fashion advocates including Fashion Revolution penned to world leaders at COP26 last week.

The five recommendations call for – the need for collective action, waste elimination, business responsibility, clothing skills development and education and a shift towards business models that contribute to a just transition towards a well-being economy.

The letter template also asks for local MPs’ support by contacting George Eustice MP, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affair to meet with the leading signatories of the open letter after COP26.

This meeting will enable signatories to discuss sustainable solutions and insight opportunities for achieving these ambitious goals.

Tamara Cincik, CEO of Fashion Roundtable said: “COP26 is a fantastic opportunity to remind the world’s leaders not only of the importance that the fashion industry plays in the global economy, but also that many of us are united in seeking new ways of doing business, which place people and planet first.

Fashion Roundtable template letter MP

Fashion Roundtable template letter MP

Eco-Age added: “In its current state, fashion and its linear take-make-dispose models spell chaos for the climate, and COP26 is our chance to remind world leaders of the industry’s significant role in environmental and societal injustices. Collaboration is key, and global governments must place fashion firmly on the agenda for us to truly shift to a transformative, inclusive, and regenerative fashion industry.”

Constituents can find their local MP using an online tool, and Fashion Roundtable advises to include name and postal address.

Fashion Roundtable published an open letter on 1 February 2021 to call on the UK Government to offer further support in dealing with issues which have arisen due to Brexit.

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