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Digital Event - Stock management: balancing brand, profits and planet - in partnership with B-Stock - 27th January, 2022 (this event has now closed)

Digital Roundtable

Fashion brands and retailers are caught in a stock squeeze with past-season product accumulated during the pandemic taking up valuable warehousing space (and tying up valuable cash) and much new season stock stuck at source due to ongoing global supply chain challenges.

Finding a solution requires retailers to conduct a delicate balancing act of ensuring their brand retains integrity, their costs are minimised and their profits maximised, and their ethical & sustainable values uncompromised.

At this invite-only digital round table we will assemble a group of like-minded retailers and experts from our partners at BStock, operator of the world’s largest B2B marketplace for returned and excess inventory, to debate and discuss how best to handle this growing issue.

In addition, you will hear first-hand from leading lights in the industry, Katie Hart, Outlet & Special Purchase Manager, Next PLC and John Wilson, Director of Warehousing & Logistics, Freemans Grattan Holdings who will share insight into their stock management process and how it has provided long-term benefits to their business.

Over a post-lunch “pick me up” delivered to your office or home, we invite you to join us and learn how to:

  • Move on past season product in an efficient manner
  • Manage the process on an on-going basis
  • Protect your brand equity by ensuring past-season product only appears through approved channels
  • Ensure that your product ends up in the hands of an end user, who wants it and will wear it, rather than see it disposed of in an unsustainable manner
  • Use data procured during the process to better manage the buying process and predict future demand
  • Understand the cost of not taking any action versus the benefits of a proactive approach

Join us at 15.00 on 27th January, 2022 for this unique and exclusive experience.

All invitees will not only receive a post-lunch treat to enjoy while participating in the session but will also be offered a complimentary post-event analysis of their secondary market activities and reverse supply chain infrastructures to ensure it is the most optimal and sustainable strategy possible. B-Stock Solutions, via this 30 minute consultation, highlight opportunities for your company to improve its overall performance in this space. Its analysis shows that 80% of retail businesses are losing significant amounts of value from consumer returns and overstock inventories.


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