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Digital Event - Right first time: Reducing returns and driving demand in partnership with True Fit: 20th January, 2022 (this event has now closed)

Digital Roundtable

After one of the most disruptive trading periods in living memory, fashion retail in the UK will hit a tipping point in 2022. Ahead of other European nations and for the first time ever, the UK will record more fashion sales online than in-store, three years ahead of pre-pandemic predictions.

The way British shoppers purchase fashion has changed for good but does a huge shift in online sales mean that huge leap in returns must surely follow? It doesn’t have to, and now is the time to put the steps in place to ensure that does not happen.

As retailers grapple with the returns avalanche after a record Black Friday and festive trading period, we are staging a digital round table for leading industry executives to examine how a more transparent and personal online experience can ensure that returns are reduced and long-term loyalty is fostered by ensuring your customers get the right product, first time.

In partnership with experts at True Fit this invite-only event will cover:

  • leveraging data to provide more accurate fit information to consumers to encourage first-time sales, minimise over-ordering (purchasing the same product in several sizes) and reduce returns
  • how more accurate and transparent product descriptions and photography will set the right expectations for your product and avoid returns
  • ensuring your inventory is efficiently managed and avoiding cash being tied up in stock sitting in customers’ homes or in a lengthy returns process
  • instilling confidence in 1st purchase and incentivising re-purchasing

Join us at 3pm on 20th January 2022 for this unique and exclusive experience. All invitees will receive a post-lunch treat to enjoy while participating in the session.


In proud partnership with True Fit.





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