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EU proposes new rules to "tackle" mass-market fast fashion

Jeremy Lim
31 March 2022

The European Commission has unveiled sustainable textile strategy proposals to tackle the environmental impact of fast fashion and labour abuses.

The commission also outlined plans to make sustainable products the norm in the EU, boost circular business models and empower consumers for the green transition, starting with textiles.

The new strategy sets requirements to make textiles more durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable, to tackle fast fashion, textile waste and the destruction of unsold textiles, and ensure their production takes place in full respect of social rights.

In addition, all regulated products will have Digital Product Passports to make it easier to repair or recycle products and facilitate tracking substances of concern along the supply chain.

The proposal also contains measures to end the destruction of unsold consumer goods, expand green public procurement and provide incentives for sustainable products.

The commission added that the strategy ensures that by 2030, textile products placed on the EU market are long-lived and recyclable, made of recycled fibres as much as possible, free of hazardous substances and produced in respect of social rights and the environment.

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal said: "It's time to end the model of 'take, make, break, and throw away' that is so harmful to our planet, our health and our economy.

"Today's proposals will ensure that only the most sustainable products are sold in Europe. They allow consumers to save energy, repair and not replace broken products, and make smart environmental choices when they are shopping for new ones. This is how we bring balance back in our relationship with nature and reduce our vulnerability to disruptions in global supply chains."

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