Emma Watson helps launch online tool to calculate eco-impact of fashion consumption

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has teamed up with thredUP to help launch its new Fashion Footprint Calculator. The new tool helps people discover the carbon impact of their wardrobes, and steps that can be taken to lighten their fashion footprint.

The fashion industry is finding itself increasingly under the spotlight for contributing massively to greenhouse gas emissions, with companies like Debenhams and a host of others attempting to reduce the environmental impact they have on the planet.


Watson, the actor who is known for roles in Beauty & The Beast and the Harry Potter franchise, is a self-proclaimed eco-activist. She said on Instagram: “Our closets impact the planet and climate more than you might realise. I’m so excited to help people discover the carbon impact of their wardrobes, and steps you can take to lighten your fashion footprint.

“They’ll tell you what your fashion footprint is equivalent to a number of flights, exactly how many pounds of CO2 it produces and how you fare compared to an average consumer.

“Small changes, such as thrifting instead of buying new, supporting sustainable brands, and air-drying your clothes, can make a HUGE difference.”

You can use the thredUP Fashion Footprint Calculator via the ThreadUP website.