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Elle becomes the first magazine to ban fur from editorial and advertising

Camilla Rydzek
02 December 2021

ELLE magazine has announced that it has committed globally to ending the promotion of animal fur both in editorial and advertising, becoming the first fashion magazine in the world to make a global fur-free commitment.

This means that no promotion of animal fur will be found on its magazine pages, websites or social media, including no animal fur in editorials, press images, runway and street style images or advertisements.

The pledge affects a monthly readership of 21 million and follows a dialogue between the magazine's owner, the Lagardère Group and the animal protection group Humane Society International, the Humane Society of the United States and Creatives4Change.

While the pledge applies to all 45 editions of Elle magazine, from its Arabia to its German publications, only 13 will stop featuring fur right way. Of the remaining editions 20 will implement the pledge on 1 January, 2022 and the rest have set the date on 1 January, 2023.

The Humane Society has previously conducted undercover investigations into the fur trade in China and Finland, revealing that animals were being beaten to death and skinned alive.

Valéria Bessolo LLopiz, SVP and international director of ELLE said: “For many years, ELLE has been engaged towards environment, sustainability and ecology through regular features or special green issues. The presence of animal fur in our pages and on our digital media is no longer in line with our values, nor our readers’. It is time for ELLE to make a statement on this matter, a statement that reflects our attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals, rejecting animal cruelty.”

Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International/UK, said: “When the largest fashion magazine in the world pledges to go fur-free, you really know that fur is dead. ELLE is blazing a trail that we hope others will follow, reflecting the fur-free policies and preferences of designers, retailers and consumers across the globe.

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