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eBay highlights the need for more accessible online shopping and becomes headline sponsor for Purple Tuesday

Tom Shearsmith
21 May 2021

eBay UK has announced that it will be the headline sponsor of this year’s Purple Tuesday on 2 November, as part of the company’s efforts to make the marketplace as accessible as possible.

By sponsoring Purple Tuesday, eBay is hoping to raise awareness of the importance of supporting disabled communities who have been, and continue to be, hugely reliant on online services through the pandemic.

In the UK the Purple Pound is valued at £274 billion and yet many retailers are failing to capture this market due to inaccessible websites or stores, leaving those with a disability frustrated.

When interacting on the eBay platform, users can expect to find keyboard-only access, visible focus indication, consistent heading structure, clearly labelled form elements and adequate colour contrast. Alternative text for eBay icons and images are provided, as well as options to bypass repetitive blocks of links.

eBay is working with organisations such as Purple to continue to improve accessibility on the marketplace as guidelines and needs evolve. It is also encouraging other retailers and businesses to make similar improvements to the accessibility of their websites to ensure that those with disabilities aren’t left out of online high streets.

Murray Lambell, UK General Manager of eBay UK, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Purple Tuesday this year. We believe that our marketplace should be as accessible as possible, while also serving as a convenient ‘one stop shop’ that can meet a variety of needs in one place.

“We know that retailers have faced a difficult time over the past year but we think it’s absolutely crucial that they invest in technologies and features to help disabled communities access their site.”

Mike Adams OBE, CEO of Purple, added: “Despite the huge value of the Purple Pound, organisations are still disregarding the disability market. Through Purple Tuesday we are seeking to raise awareness of these issues in order to make sustainable and accessible changes. We are pleased that eBay is joining us in our efforts to improve the customer experience for disabled people 365 days a year.”

Some brands have also recently accelerated their accessibility and experience for disabled people, such as PVH Corp. owned Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive collection, an innovative line of clothing designed to make dressing easier for adults and children with disabilities.

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