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eBay cheapest and Depop most expensive fashion resale platforms, according to data

Tom Bottomley
13 September 2022

New research by savings website has compared prices of 20 popular branded fashion items across eBay, Vinted and Depop, revealing eBay to be the cheapest overall and Depop the most expensive fashion resale platform.

The biggest price difference was for Carhartt dungarees, which were found at £6.60 on eBay but £37.45 on Vinted – a difference of £30.85, a whopping 467% more, followed by Nike Air Jordan 1’s which were found at £10.92 on eBay but £45.33 on Vinted, an increase of £34.41, or 315%.

A Mulberry ‘Darley’ satchel was £320 on Depop, but £151.95 on eBay, while a Dior saddle bag was £260 on Depop, but just £152.97 on eBay, closely followed by £166.89 on Vinted.

Levi’s 501 jeans were the most similarly priced across all three platforms, coming in the cheapest on Depop at £3.50, while they were only marginally more on eBay at £3.60 and 35p more than Depop on Vinted, at £3.85, a 10% increase.

Overall, eBay was cheapest resale platform of those analysed between 5-10 August 2022, with the total average price for all 20 pre-loved items on the shopping list amounting to £980.74.

Vinted was the second cheapest, with the same items coming to £1084.36, and Depop the most expensive, with the 20 pre-loved must-haves costing £1177.96 in total – 20% more than the total cost on eBay.

Anita Naik, Savings Expert at, commented: “When it comes to buying pre-loved fashion, thorough research and shopping around is always the best way to make sure you’re getting the most value, particularly for some of the more ‘cult’ items analysed in VoucherCodes’ research.

“Many people also don’t know that you can use discounts on items sold through resale platforms. VoucherCodes has great discounts for the likes of eBay, and whether you’re shopping first-hand or pre-loved, all of our codes are hand-tested to ensure you get the deal you’re promised.”

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