eBay advert data suggests brands should prepare for a wave of newborns

eBay 'baby' search Dec 2020

New insights from eBay adverts has suggested brands should prepare for a wave of newborns, as well as relationship break ups this winter.

The advert data reveals how interest in pregnancy and break-up related products in the first lockdown could signal more opportunities for brands in the weeks to come.

As the reality of the first lockdown set in, searches for “break up” on ebay.co.uk surged 47% in the week of 29 March 2020, compared to the previous week. In the same week, ebay.co.uk also saw a huge increase in interest for post-break up necessities.

Meanwhile, peak ‘break up week’ occurred in the fifth week of the spring lockdown: during the week of 26 April 2020, searches for “divorce” on ebay.co.uk shot up 80% compared to the week before, while searches for indulgent items soared – from “pamper” (up 30%) to “self-care” (up 43%).

The latest insights from eBay suggests brands should be prepared to engage with potential new parents this winter. In April 2020, eBay saw searches for “pregnancy” and “baby” rise 57% and 45% respectively, compared to the month before – possibly as numbers of expectant mothers swelled.

Harmony Murphy, Head of UK Advertising at eBay, commented: “Whether people are going through a break-up or welcoming a new addition to their family, these big life changes can have a profound effect on shoppers’ needs and behaviour. With couples having been cooped up at home again, we expect to see a fresh wave of babies and break ups depending on which way their relationships turned.

“Brands should keep a close eye on shopper behaviour over the next few weeks and harness the freshest data insights available in order to offer comfort, information and inspiration to their audiences when they need it.”