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E-commerce trends: an action plan for success in 2023
09 January 2023

2023 is just getting underway and if 2022 was anything to go by, the only thing we can say with any certainty is that anything can happen.

But while macro-economic forces might be out of our control, how we respond to them, is very much within our control. And the resilience, agility and creativity that retailers and brands have built up in recent times will set them in good stead to emerge from the next set of challenges with a healthier, growing business and a bigger, more engaged consumer base.

We’ve consulted our crystal ball, or to be more accurate, trends experts at Voyado, developers of the leading customer experience platform for retailers, to explain what they think this year has in store for the market and how retailers can respond.

Their predictions and advice are wrapped up in an essential guide and, while some of the trends may be new, the principles are the same as they have always been: making sure your customers get the best possible experience of your brand.

This guide is packed with tips on how to expand your customer base, and maximise the relationships you already have, including:

  1. Make it count in every channel.

We are still settling into the post-pandemic world and working out what the new normal means. As life begins to move on again, consumers are looking to find the right balance between shopping in store and shopping online. Some chose one, some mix and match, but what every consumer has in common is that they expect brands to deliver a seamless experience that puts them at the centre.

  1. Prioritise your best customers.

Have you heard of clienteling? Whether or not you’ve heard of it, it should be a key part of your strategy for 2023. So far, clienteling has mainly been the realm of more premium brands, but in 2023, it’s going mainstream. Successful clientelling makes valued customers feel just that: valued. And done right it increases brand loyalty.

  1. Sustainability rises up the agenda

This is not a new concept, of course, but what’s new for 2023 is how consumers are changing their purchase decisions when they consider sustainability.  As pressure on brands mounts from consumers, it’s vital that good communication is made around sustainability as it can help consumers to choose one brand over another.


For more detailed information advice on these trends and two more that you need to be ahead of, please download your free report here.


About Voyado:

Voyado is a customer experience cloud for e-commerce players and retailers, providing the no.1 solution for personalised and relevant experiences—across all channels. Get in touch if you’re looking to create an action plan to really engage your customers and increase growth in 2023.


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