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DREST named on Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021

Tom Shearsmith
10 March 2021

DREST has been named on Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021, becoming the first interactive luxury styling game among the top-ranked in the Gaming Category.

The list honours the businesses that have not only found a way to be resilient in the past year, but also turned those challenges into impact-making processes. This year’s list features 463 businesses from 29 countries.

DREST provides a fun opportunity for people to partake in the storytelling of fashion while delivering a seamless end-to-end shopping experience through its long-term strategic partnership with global marketplace Farfetch, as well as a host of luxury brands.

Weaving social and community elements into the gameplay, engaged users spend 33 minutes a day in-app and seven minutes per session, with new brand affinities formed through play and interaction.

Since launching 18 months ago DREST has introduced thousands of fashion items from over 200 of the world’s leading brands to the game and has forged partnerships across the fashion, entertainment and luxury watch industries including Gucci, Christian Louboutin and Breitling.

Lucy Yeomans

Lucy Yeomans, CEO of DREST

Lucy Yeomans, Creator, Founder & Co-CEO of DREST says: "Being recognised by Fast Company and earning a place in the 2021 Most Innovative Companies list is a huge honour and marks a very special moment in year two of our startup life.

"DREST democratises the luxury fashion experience - providing fashion lovers everywhere with a uniquely engaging creative platform and game that simultaneously offers brands a highly immersive environment to tell their stories and forge affinities with new audiences - sustainably and at scale. We have an ambitious roadmap ahead and are excited to continue pushing boundaries within the real and virtual worlds."

DREST is the first company in the world to launch supermodel avatars into its gameplay, marking a milestone in democratising luxury fashion and giving users access to the most influential and inspirational people and brands.

In a bid to use its airspace as a force for good, DREST has embedded philanthropy at the very core of the platform by pledging to match 50% of revenue earned by the supermodels in-game and donate this to their respective charity or social enterprise causes.

Sustainability is also a key part of DREST’s mission statement. The game will lead to more thoughtful consumerism - through allowing the audience to experiment and “style creatively and thoughtfully” before buying - and will provide brands with data that can be used to tailor production accordingly and avoid unnecessary waste.

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