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Drest announces Kate Moss as guest supermodel avatar

Camilla Rydzek
28 March 2022

Drest has announced that supermodel Kate Moss will be the first guest avatar on fashion styling app. During a two week period, commencing today, players will have the opportunity to personally style a digital version of Moss.

Users will be able to style Moss with pieces from her collaboration with fine jewellery brand Messika, as well as the app's collection of clothes and accessories from the more than 250 luxury brands.

In dedicated styling challenges players will be invited to style Messika's jewellery, which includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hairpieces, to create a fully-styled outfit ready for a photoshoot.

The game will enable players to "explore their creativity and showcase their accessory styling and beauty artistry" using its new hyper-realistic close-up mode that will facilitate specific jewellery styling challenges.

At the end of the two weeks Moss will choose her favourite styled look and reward the player with a piece of jewellery from the collection.

Kate's avatar was created by DREST’s in-house designers and features five unique hairstyles, which was created in consultation with the model's friend and long-time hairstylist Sam McKnight. Players can also experiment with over 100 different beauty items and can choose to position the model in front of a fashion runway, Cotswolds field or luxury hotel lobby.

Kate will also appear on the app's icon for the duration of her guest appearance, wearing pieces from the jewellery collection. This marks the third iteration of the collaborative line, with a first collaboration launching in 2020 followed by a second the following year.


Kate Moss commented: “It was incredible to see the avatar DREST has made of me, and I enjoyed being involved in the creative process, just as I did when designing my high jewellery collection for Messika. The pieces Valérie Messika and I created work well in the game because there are many styling options. DREST will bring the collection to a whole new audience, and I’m excited to see how the players will style me over the next two weeks.”

Valérie Messika, Founder & Artistic Director of Messika, added: “I’m excited to see gamers engage with the Messika challenge in the DREST metaverse and how they style avatar and icon, Kate Moss. It’s always been important to me that people are playful with diamonds and experiment with fine jewellery in the same way as fashion. Fine jewellery should not intimidate, there are no rules and diamonds should never be seen as occasional wear. The Messika challenge on DREST will certainly help debunk these myths and this really interests me.”

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